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Chaque jour vous trouvez des tutos a realiser du monde entier. Je remercie chacune d'entre vous pour vos visites et les autres pour leurs gentils commentaires déposés.




Afternoon dress ca. 1903



Lady Margaret Villiers as Duchess d’Orleans; one of the 200 guests in fancy dress at the the Duchess of Devonshire’s Diamond Jubilee Costume Ball, 1897.1897




Designed by Paul Poiret ca 1905-19061905...1906




Girl with decorated hat, snapshots of 19051905



Les Createurs de La Mode 1910 - 30 - Galerie de Vente - Redfern1910


1910 costume1910




Circa 1905 tea dress made from white cotton dotted swiss, the dress is elaborately embellished with lace, embroidered cut work, ruffles, and rows of narrow tucks so beloved by the Edwardians. It closes in back with loops and small mother-of-pearl buttons. The puffed sleeves have inner cords to hold them in place. The skirt is longer and fuller in back, forming a small train. Via Vintage Textile.1905


Les Modes (Paris) November 1909 robe d'apres-midi par Margaine-Lacroix1909


Dress, ca 1897 France, Les Arts Décoratifs1897

Photo, 1860’s1860








1890's photo1890

a bride and her bridesmaids 18501850


Dressing the Bride; 1890s1890


Before the Automobile: 1874 day dress after a dress in V This is a BEAUTIFUL reproduction of a one of the dresses shown in Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion.1874


The Letter: 19061906




Unknown woman, c. 1880s.1880



A poster of Fanny Moody, a famous English opera singer in the late 1800's1800Vintage



Margery Bish hanging clothes on a clothesline, c. 1890 - too cute for words! #Victorian #vintage #kids1890Alexandra David-Nu00e9el: Born in 1868 in Paris, by the time she was 18 she’d traveled around Europe & was a member of the Theosophical Society. When she was in her 40s she traveled to India to study Buddhism, met a prince, and possibly had an affair with him. During her travels in Asia, she lived in a cave, adopted a monk & traveled to Tibet at a time it was closed to foreigners. She met the 13th Dalai Lama which no European lady had ever done before. She died AT THE AGE OF 101 in 1969.1868Woman with Kodak camera, c19001900c 1870 ish gentlemen and ladies1870Tea time in the garden, 1890s18901901 riding suit1901



FOR ORDERS ONLY - 1800s Victorian Gown -1867 Walking Traveling Suit - 1860s Civil War Dress Skirt Jacket Bodice. $617.00, via Etsy.1800



Wedding Dress, 188718871864 day dress18641860 woman wearing a crinoline being dressed with the aid of long poles to lift her dress over the hoops. Photo by London Stereoscopic Company via Getty1860


1900 Edwardian ladies1900






1865Rufus Ingalls: 1865

Carmel Myers

Mary Philbin/Christine Daaé - the-phantom-of-the-opera Photo


Miss Gladys Cooper




Kathleen Myers wearing assuit, portrait by Edwin Bower Hesser

Jetta Goudal


Marion Davies


Mary Pickford











Lili Damita, 1920s












Zigfield GirlMy kind of Vintage Cat ladyWhat a gorgeous vintage lady!vintage lady in costume. Beautiful!!!Vintage Lady Cabinet CardVintage Lady cardVintage Ladies Cabinet Cardsvintage ladies cabinet cardVintage Ladies Cabinet CardsVintage Lady Cabinet CardVintage Lady Cabinet Card.Vintage Ladies Cabinet CardsVintage lady cardVintage Lady Cabinet Card

Vintage Ladies Dancing in Pink

Vintage Ladies Cabinet Cards

A 100 year old hand tinted photo post card

cabinet card; little girl

1920s post card

Cabinet card circa 1905.


Wedding Day, circa 18951895

Elizabeth Taylor with her brother, 1930s.Her Imperial & Royal Highness The Crown Princess of Germany, Crown Princess of Prussia (1886-1954) née Her Highness Duchess Cecilie of Mecklenburg-Schwerinvintage photoGretchen Michaela Young a.k.a. Loretta Young at the age of 14

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alor s ça J'ADORE

meric bisous SANDY

Je me régale à chaque fois ... Merci ma belle

ça fait rever tout ces clichés j'adore les grandes robes j'aurais aimer vivre en ce temps la !!!!

quelles belles robes !!! elles sont joliment portées !!