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L'Atelier de Jojo
L'Atelier de Jojo
1910 a nos jours

1910 a nos jours

bad ass 1920s



Sophia Loren, 1958Audrey Hepburn


Gene Tierney 1943. Love that suit! :D


Lee Miller


Marilyn Monroe photographed by Milton Green in Laurel Canyon in 1953



Tearful Goodbyes, Paddington Station, London, 1942.

Claire McCardell at work | #vintage



Lauren Bacall by John Engstead


kate moss



Susan Sarandon | vintage 1970s





C. Z. Guest



jane birkin.




Anna Karina.



Lauren Bacall | vintage fashion inspiration



Ava Gardner in polka dots






Charlotte Rampling | hair inspiration

Why don't photo booths have backgrounds like this anymore? | Vintage Photo Booth Picture


Fancy party dresses c. 1953



Jersey shore, 1942 | vintage.

Banker's Gray Denim by Brigance Bazaar May 1949 Louise Dahl-Wolfe


1955. Italy. Sophia Loren






Lovely Catherine


I love this photograph so very very much

Bettina Graziani, the ‘Queen of Paris’, in the Place des Voges, wearing Fath’s afternoon dress, photo by Willy Maywald, 1950


Sisters in Skirts 1950’s [Donated by the Earl McCann Collection] ©WaheedPhotoArchive, 2011





Perfect vintage style



Perfect outfit | Bianca Jagger © Cecil Beaton




Amazing outfit! | Madame Rochas photographed in Paris in 1933 by Regina Relang



Vintage 1930s photo of a sweet gal in a striped bathing suit and a sailor hat #vintage




vintage 1940s photo | 40s fashion


Brigitte Bardot in a sombrero, ole! | Les Pétroleuses


Stripes + Polka Dots | Photo by Nina Leen, 1955


A wonderfully stylish young woman on the streets of East Vancouver, 1936. #vintage #1930s #fashion #Canada


Jeanne Lanvin 1928 Evening Gown Model Jane Renouardt Luigi Diaz


I would wear this 100% today | Gladys Zielian, 19191919


Mary Pickford wearing polka dots | 1930s1930




Perfect vintage style



Audrey Hepburn Style



So damn pretty | Model, World of Fashion exhibit, New York World’s Fair, 19391939




I love this photo so very very much | Chilly after a Swim, 1940’s1940




Mary Pickford standing with her back to the camera, 1920.1920




Misses Russia, Austria, Holland. 19301930






vintage les femmes






Jane Birkin in Lanvin, 19711971

Seventeen September 1977. | Frickin love it1977




vintage 1920s style, Chicago1920




vintage babes




Miami 1948 | love this vintage photograph1948




Roller skating c.1940s1940



Elizabeth Taylor was a major babe. *wolf whistle*




Constance Bennett, 1930s.1939





Joan Bennett, 1928 | via Gatochy1928




Vintage Babe | Miami, 1955, Photo by Nina Leen1955




Gunston Hall Preparatory School c.1905.1905



a cup of coffee




Vintage Twins | Anna and Mary Woltzen, 19251925






Antique faces 1932.1932





Vivien Leigh


Marlene Dietrich




Hedy Lamarr







File:Vivien Leigh Gone Wind Restaured.jpg


photo Vivien Leigh


Autant en emporte le vent : photo Victor Fleming, Vivien Leigh


Autant en emporte le vent : Photo Clark Gable, Victor Fleming



Une Place au soleil : Photo Elizabeth Taylor, George Stevens, Montgomery Clift




biz les filles




Absence de Malice : photo Paul Newman









Pour toi, j'ai tué : photo Burt Lancaster, Robert Siodmak







Affiche Tom Hanks
















fabulous vintage fashion



Linda Evangelista (photo by Peter Lindbergh, 1988)1988




Il n'est jamais trop tard : photo Julia Roberts





Affiche Simon Baker





Castle saison 6 : Nathan Fillion interrompt le tournage