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Chaque jour vous trouvez des tutos a realiser du monde entier. Je remercie chacune d'entre vous pour vos visites et les autres pour leurs gentils commentaires déposés.

a vous de choisir

Achomawi baby 1910 Native American Indian - Old photos1920's wedding photoThe Sum Of All Crafts: image collection-women (lace)xW. Eugene Smith - The Walk to Paradise Garden, 1946Winter walk.Wearing a veil in the Bronx, New York, 1946.Could you write a story around this image? SrainJohn Welsh paintingEarly Photographs of Women’s HairEsther Bubley - New York Harbor, Looking Toward Manhattan from the Footpath on Brooklyn Bridge, October, 1946fishing babesBy Richard Bram This should last a while.Victorian::::::::: Vintage Photograph :::::::: Truly this is one of the most beautiful antique photographs of a brother and sister I've ever seen. The girls face is exquisite!Three women on a windy day, sitting on the hood of a Chevrolet.The world of old photography: Archive ☮k☮Anne St Marie 1959UNDERTHESUN - Roy ArdenUlysses S. Grant IIIWhite Slaves: Isaac White & Rosina Downs" - Info with the picture: Rosina is not quite seven years old. She is a fair child, with blonde complexion and silky hair. Her father is in the rebel army. She has one sister as white as herself, and three brothers who are darker. Her mother, a bright mulatto, lives in New Orleans in a poor hut, and has hard work to support her familyL’Officiel, 1947. Photo: Philippe Pottier.1946.Swimwear, 1946~Tallulah Bankhead - 1928 - Photo by Paul Tanqueray~The Beauty of Tallulah Bankhead1952Suffragettes Protesting in Rain 1917

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<br /> Difficile de choisir elles sont toutes jolies merci<br />
<br /> coucou<br /> <br /> <br /> tu sais que moi peros ces images j'adore merci<br /> <br /> <br /> bisous Sandy<br /> <br /> <br />  <br />
<br /> Bonjour<br /> <br /> <br /> Avec ce petit com je viens aujourd'hui vous souhaiter de bonnes fêtes de fin d'année<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> à bientôt<br />