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Chaque jour vous trouvez des tutos a realiser du monde entier. Je remercie chacune d'entre vous pour vos visites et les autres pour leurs gentils commentaires déposés.

d hier et

Liz Taylor


sophia loren


Marilyn Monroe


Grace Kelly



Audrey Hepburn


Rita Hayworth

Claudia Cardinale.

Gene Tierney


Gina Lollobrigida

Young Ornella Muti


#WinonaRyder #Face


Tina Turnerr | 1985 © Henry Diltz
















Cher age 64

Horst Buchholz


Gregory Peck

Jane Fonda & Rod Taylor (Un domingo en New York)

Isabelle Adjani




Raquel Welch w/squash blossom necklace

Stunning. Marlon Brando (1924-2004) American screen & stage actor. Brando was one of only three professional actors, along with Charlie Chaplin & Marilyn Monroe, named by Time magazine as one of its 100 Persons of the Century in 1999. He was ranked by the American Film Institute as the fourth greatest screen legend among male movie stars, and has become a cultural icon.

Cary Grant 1904-1986 English-American actor, named second Greatest Male Star of all Time by the American Film Institute.Best known films include "The Awful Truth" 1937, "His Girl Friday" 1940, "To Catch A Thief" 1955, "An Affair to Remember" 1957, "Charade" 1963.

Anita Ekberg

katherine hepburn

Katharine Ross



B.BPaul Newman served in the United States Navy in World War II in the Pacific theater. Unable to be a pilot, because he was colour blind, he was sent instead to boot camp and then received further training as a radioman and gunner. He qualified as a rear-seat radioman and gunner in torpedo bombers, in 1944. He later flew from aircraft carriers as a turret gunner in an Avenger torpedo bomber. As a radioman-gunner, he served aboard the USS Bunker Hill during the Battle of Okinawa, 1945.

Farrah Fawcett

Natlie Wood1961

Ursula Andress

et d aujourd hui

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Halle Berry Bond's Girl

Rihanna | Music Star | Celebritie (SMALL facial features AND pretty EYES)

Monica Belucci by Vincent Peters


Keira Knightley - love her makeup!

Sofia Vergara


#anne hathaway


#Over40 Face ~ #KateWinslet #Celebrity #Faces


Angelina Jolie


Milla Jovovich











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<br /> ils sont tous plus beaux les uns que les autres, mais j'airai une petite préférence pour Adjani et ses beaux bleus marine.....passe une excellente soirée<br />
<br /> Superbe toutes ses photos<br />