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L'Atelier de Jojo
L'Atelier de Jojo
de marie

de marie

  • ..Le bonheur humain est composé de tant de pièces qu'il en manque toujours

    merci marie
  • Radclyffe Hall (author of controversial novel "The Well of Loneliness") and Lady Una Troubridge (first translator of Colette to English) - butch/femme power couple of the 20s



adorable!! | flapper | 1920s | vintage photography.Joan Crawford (photo by George Hurrell, 1929)


The Roaring Twenties.1920's VanityNaomi Johnson, Ziegfeld GirlGloria Swanson in Sadie Thompson

Gloria Swanson.Billie Burke (claim to fame role: Glenda The Good Witch)Chester MorrisOna Munsen played Belle Watling in Gone with The WindAlfred Hitchcock, Grace Kelly, and Cary Grant at a cocktail party in Cannes during the filming of To Catch a Thief.


Marilyn and Maurice Chevalier

Marilyn Monroe photographed by Jack Cardiff, 1956.