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Chaque jour vous trouvez des tutos a realiser du monde entier. Je remercie chacune d'entre vous pour vos visites et les autres pour leurs gentils commentaires déposés.




Fashion in Amsterdam, 1960

France Gall


Mini skirts shortened - 1960s.


Helmut Newton, 1960.



Alain Delon, 1967.



Elegance (Dutch) October 1966, Louis Féraud




Teenage party, Briarcliff, New York, 1950



Peter Stackpole, May 1951.


Vogue July 1952 - model Ruth Neumann-Derujinsky



by Paul Almasy. Paris, 1950




Bernat Handicrafter 1954





Nancy Berg - Lana Lobell 1954



Suzy Parker photographed by John Rawlings, 1953 October Vogue



Christian Dior, 1950. Photo by Philippe Pottier




Fashion ♥ 19581958



Fashion in Italy ♥ 19551955




Hermès luggage ad, 19521952







1940's fashion | Tumblr



Coming home




New York, 1949 by Nina Leen



1940s Fashion ♥






1940s | Women all suited up in 1940s skirt and jacket sets



soda shop 1940s.



Vintage summer style inspiration.



Flight nurses of the 807th Medical Air Evacuation Transport Squadron show off the holes in their shoes. Their plane went down in Nazi-occupied Albania on 8 November 1943, and they were rescued and returned to Italy 9 January 1944.







Joan Bennett - 1930's - @~ Mlle



Love the far left and far right 1930s fashion





Coat - Jean Patou, 1930 - The Los Angeles County Museum of Art




1930s Fashion: Polka-dot dress with light jacket. So this is actually exactly what I want for Easter




Gilly Flower by Bassano, 1930



Misses Russia, Austria, Holland. 1930






.Police checking the length of skirts in Berlin 1920's




1920s-college-fashion.jpeg (800×628)



Greta 1926






~Lee Miller 1920s~








Alma Bennett, 1926




Constance Worth - British actress and stage beauty who also acted in silent films from 1919 to 1922.


French postcard, ca. 1920s.






Miss Lily Elsie






Hat and gown for the races, by Jeanne Lanvin, photo Talbot, Les Modes April 1912.




Louise Cromwell: 1911



Anna Pavlova, 1910s.



1912 turned up hem






La Belle Epoque, Paris early 1900's



*Photo in a suitcase...dated.. 1906.



Miss Lily Elsie c1908



Mme Jeanne Paquin was the first woman designer to open her own fashion house in Paris




Alix of Hesse with her husband Nicholas II, Russia's last tsar



Wedding portrait of Elizabeth Coughlin Young. (1907)



The dancing girl who caused a lesbian sex scandal in the 1900's




~ Vintage Beauty ~




1900 Edwardian ladies




1903 Alice Roosevelt


1908 At the Races, big hats



1906 photo, three elegant ladies in Paris. I'd like to be them.





Circa 1890 gown via Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum - view 1 of 2



29-10-11 Dress worn by Emily Warren Roebling for her presentation to the Queen in 1896, with a portrait of herself in that dress by Emile Carolus-Duran



Camille Clifford~the original "Gibson Girl." A Gibson Girl was the personification of the feminine ideal of beauty portrayed by the satirical pen-and-ink illustrations of illustrator Charles Dana Gibson



Corset ad for children 1891. Although ads like this exist, this was also the time of dress reform and not everyone was in favor: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corset_controversy#Mothers_and_daughters




Mcintosh Huntington Company Sunol Bicycle ad, 1896 - now those are some impressive leg o' mutton sleeves! #Victorian #fashion #ads



Be a road queen with a Featherstone Bicycle! (Ad from1895.) #vintage #Victorian #ads #bikes



Ballooners, 1895, France



tweed suit, c. 1895




victorian couple on a tandem bicycle. c.1890s






Women with bicycles, 1890s.








voila pour ce soir la suite au prochain numero bizzzzz

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<br /> j'aime troo la remontée dans le temps bisous Sandy<br />
<br /> Merci d'avoir remonté le temps pour le plaisir des yeux et aussi d'avoir fait naître un brin de nostalgie (bien agréable) en fonction de son époque.<br />
<br /> merci jojo<br />
<br /> merci jojo ! bisous cath<br />