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Chaque jour vous trouvez des tutos a realiser du monde entier. Je remercie chacune d'entre vous pour vos visites et les autres pour leurs gentils commentaires déposés.

mille neuf cent à mille neuf cent dix

: Seeing Chicago: 1908An Edwardian girl and her rabbit, 19091917 Stamping Labels, Boston Index Card Co. by Lewis HineThere is such a depth of elegance and almost dreamy beauty in this wonderful Edwardian image (Léonard Misonne, Madame Misonne, ca 1910).A richly elegant image of Edwardian actress Fannie Ward enjoying a spot of tea. #actress #vintage #Edwardian #Fannie_Ward #1900s #tea #elegantFrench women working in ammunition factories, 1917.Arnold Genthe, San Francisco, 1906Spring races Edwardian costumeGrandma and her granddaughter, 1905circa 1910. Check out the baby riding behind themLily Elsie (Mrs Bullough) by Rita Martin bromide print, 19071909, family without father. All the children but the 4 smallest work in the cotton mill. Each child makes 4.50 a week.Lewis W. Hine photography - child labor in America. 5 years old, 41 inches high. He jumps on and off moving trolley cars at the risk of his life. St. Louis, Missouri.Don't they look mischievous! This photograph shows a group of young girls that work in a cotton mill. The picture was taken in about 1909 in Georgia. Work in a cotton mill would have amounted to little more than a sweatshop at this time. It is amazing how several of these girls manage a smile for the camera.Lewis Hine - Little Orphan Annie in a Pittsburgh Institution, 1910Kensington, June 1906




1905Mata Hari - 1908 - Longchamp Racing Paris

Toilette aux courses, Deauville, 1906

Chatting on a Wet Street in Holland, 1906The Milkmobile: 1903Kentucky congressman Joseph Sherley and family 1908Toilette vu aux courses, 1908

Les Modes (Paris) November 1909 robe d'apres-midi par Margaine-LacroixGirl in nightdress ca. 1900Liane de Pougy (1869-1959) - c. 1900 - Folies Bergères Dancer - Renowned as one of Paris's most beautiful and notorious courtesans - Postcard:::::::: Antique Photograph :::::::: Lovely portrait of a young girl in Sweden c. 1905.Jordaan, Amsterdam, 1900:::::::: Antique Photograph :::::::: Beautiful 1900's fashionMaison de Vries,Amsterdam, 19091908, Secretary with typewriter and dictation pad.Detroit circa 1912. "Elliott, Taylor & Woolfenden -- north aisle." Wow...you know what this? This is the "toy department" of an prototype department store. Look at how shopping was then...one lady waiting on you while you sat. Wow.Gertrude und Ursula Falke, daughters of writer Gustav Falke. 1906.Girl cuddling rabbit, circa 1909Actress and singer Lily Elsie (1886-1962) in a gown designed by Lucille, Lady Duff-Gordon (1863-1935), date unknown.University of Washington student Geraldine Gilbert knitting two socks at once for soldiers, 1918New Mom c.1900s Robe de Bal 1909indypendent-thinking: Paris, Luna Park, 1910portrait of a boy and his dog sitting in a toy car. 1912On Pleasure Bent: 1905Robe et Manteau du Soir 1909


Grand Duchess Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia on the beach,1908Paris, place des Invalides durant l'Expo 1900.

1906First Tour de France • 1903by Charles Augustin LhermitteThe Jersey Shore circa 1910. Bathers at Atlantic City. Look at those sexy swimsuits!1908, woman ironing with a new GE electric iron....I'm guessing but would think she is a maid for a wealthy family or hotel employee. Certainly not the norm to have such a luxury in the family home.Rubbing. 1905These Tings Take Time


The Pearl Necklace, 1900s, Frank EugeneHelen “Nellie” Taft - William Howard Taft’s wife was the FIRST first lady to own and drive a car, to ride in her husband’s inaugural parade, to support women's suffrage, to publish her memoirs, to smoke cigarettes, and successfully lobby for safety standards in federal workplacesby Albert Gottheil (1902)Harley Davidson, 1914


Looks so innocent. Shortchanger: A 6-year-old newsie who tried to "short change" me. Los Angeles, California. May 1915. View full size. Photograph by Lewis Wickes Hine.

On 4 October 1911 the first escalator was installed on the Underground, in Earl's Court Underground station, 1911 Step off with the left foot first : In October 1911, the Illustrated London News showed its readers the first escalators on the Underground at Earl’s Court station. The magazine reported that passengers for central London left their train, rode up the stairs and down again, then caught the next train.Norma Talmadge, Way of a Woman, 1919Smoking.Mother and daughter, c. early 20th C.A family on holiday in France circa 1900. ~ I love old photos!Peanut vendor, Wilmington, Delaware, 1910London 1900'sTwo women replace the traditionally male porters at Marylebone Station in London during the First World war. Illustrated London News, 1915.1916 scooter

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<br /> Bonsoir jojo, merci pour toutes ces magnifiques photos qui nous font faire un saut au temps de la belle époque, j'adore ce genre de photos, je recherche de temps en temps des photos du début du<br /> siècler dernier, merci pour ce beau reportage que j'ai regardé avec plaisir.<br /> <br /> <br /> Bonne fin de soirée, bisous<br /> <br /> <br /> Gigi<br />
<br /> Merci pour cette jolies series d'images<br />
<br /> Merci! Il y en a des belles et intéressantes !<br />
<br /> J'adore tes photos anciennes et je cherche des photos anciennes mais sur Paris, la mode c'est pour ma petite soeur couturière. Si tu trouves je suis preneuses.<br /> <br /> <br /> Encore merci pour tout ne change rien, je passe presque ts les jours.<br /> <br /> <br /> Je t'embrasse.<br />
<br /> <br /> je t ai mis un article dis moi si c est ce que tu voulais biz jojo<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> j'aime beaucoup les photos de cette epoque , bisous bonne semaine ,<br /> <br /> <br /> frifricreations<br />
<br /> merci jojo ! biosus cath<br />
<br /> Bonjour..<br /> <br /> <br /> Merci pour ces posts cards qui me sont tres utiles pour une expo "à mode antique" et oú que je ferait mon drole....<br /> <br /> <br /> Bisous<br /> <br /> <br /> Maria Rosalia<br />
<br /> de superbes photos qui ne ressemnlent pas du tout a notre époque.<br />
<br /> Tes photos anciennes sont un vrai régal Merci infiniment de les pertager.<br /> <br /> <br /> Bises et bon dimanche<br />