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L'Atelier de Jojo

L'Atelier de Jojo

Chaque jour vous trouvez des tutos a realiser du monde entier. Je remercie chacune d'entre vous pour vos visites et les autres pour leurs gentils commentaires déposés.

Photos Anciennes

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Jojo — photos anciennes
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Maria Montez



Beatrice (Trixie) Peady and Fred Combs, 1939.



1930s-1940s bride









Lady Graham, 1911.


Irene Reynolds and William Wallace at their wedding in St John's Church, Newbury Park, on Christmas Day 1952.



beautiful vintage bride








Circa 1905 bride.


Budapest, 1930.



1918 bride. This gown is gorgeous.


Victorian bride.


Mrs. W. Gardiner, 1909.





Sister actresses Natalie, Constance, and Norma Talmadge at Constance’s marriage to husband #3, Townsend Netcher in May 1929. They divorced on 1931. In 1939 she married her fourth husband Walter Giblin, which ended with his death in 1964. She passed in 1973. (Natalie was married to Buster Keaton 1921-1932 and Norma was married to her third husband Carval James from 1946 until her death in 1957.)



Princess Alexandra of Denmark later Queen of England on her wedding day,August 20,1862.


1905 Baroness Olga de Meyer (in white dress with parasol)

Girls of all ages , 19121910" Little mother in the steel district", Lewis W. Hine, Pittsburgh, 1909Lakota girlsWinifred Barnes [1910s]sweet girl out for a ride possibly 1913

1905 Grandma and her granddaughter.Boys, 1865.

Charles Buddy Rogers Clara Bow in Wings c.1927

weeeeeeeeeeee I'm Mr. Poppins





Christian Dior- 1950's



Czechia. young girl, Moravia, ca. 1910

U.K. Spitalfields Nippers, London, 1912."

Dame Gladys Cooper - hand-tinted, possibly by Bossano, 1910 National Portrait Gallery, London

France. Paris, 1910s

Swimwear 1910s

U.S. Two newsgirls. Delaware, 1910 // By Lewis W. Hine


U.S. New York City Christmas Shopping, c.1913

a vous de choisir

Jojo — photos anciennes

Achomawi baby 1910 Native American Indian - Old photos1920's wedding photoThe Sum Of All Crafts: image collection-women (lace)xW. Eugene Smith - The Walk to Paradise Garden, 1946Winter walk.Wearing a veil in the Bronx, New York, 1946.Could you write a story around this image? SrainJohn Welsh paintingEarly Photographs of Women’s HairEsther Bubley - New York Harbor, Looking Toward Manhattan from the Footpath on Brooklyn Bridge, October, 1946fishing babesBy Richard Bram This should last a while.Victorian::::::::: Vintage Photograph :::::::: Truly this is one of the most beautiful antique photographs of a brother and sister I've ever seen. The girls face is exquisite!Three women on a windy day, sitting on the hood of a Chevrolet.The world of old photography: Archive ☮k☮Anne St Marie 1959UNDERTHESUN - Roy ArdenUlysses S. Grant IIIWhite Slaves: Isaac White & Rosina Downs" - Info with the picture: Rosina is not quite seven years old. She is a fair child, with blonde complexion and silky hair. Her father is in the rebel army. She has one sister as white as herself, and three brothers who are darker. Her mother, a bright mulatto, lives in New Orleans in a poor hut, and has hard work to support her familyL’Officiel, 1947. Photo: Philippe Pottier.1946.Swimwear, 1946~Tallulah Bankhead - 1928 - Photo by Paul Tanqueray~The Beauty of Tallulah Bankhead1952Suffragettes Protesting in Rain 1917

photos pour rêver et se souvenir

Jojo — photos anciennes

Photo: Richard Avedon. Paris, August 1957.Robert Doisneau

Paris, 1950


At the gas station Paris 1950 Roger Parry


Rue des Plantes, Paris photo by Todd Webb, 1950


Boulevard, Paris, 1950 by Cas Oorthuys

Couples dancing in the street in Paris, 1950's. From the book: Le Livre de Paris (Arts et Métiers, Paris, 1957), featuring photography by Janine Niepce.


Robert Doisneau, Paris, 1942



Robert Doisneau



Moulin Rouge (background) Paris, 1950s. Photograph by René Maltête.



Paris 1950 Maison Rousseau by Izis Bidermanas


by Robert Doisneau



Moulin Rouge Paris 1958  Photo: Loomis Dean




© Robert Doisneau

by Richard Avedon in Paris for Harper's Bazaar, Oct. 1957



Robert Doisneau, Paris series


Paris 1957 Montmartre



Paris, 1951, photo by Henri Cartier-Bresson © Henri Cartier-Bresson/Magnum Photos

Paris 1950 Photo: Sabine Weiss





Paris 1953 Christmas Willy Ronis



Le Marais Paris 1957; Photo: Inge Morath





Rue des Abbesses Paris 1951 Photo: Benjamen Chinn



Paris 1957




Ⓒ André Kertész Paris, 1930’s





Paris, 1954. Photo: Inge Morath











Jacques Boulas - La rue Valette mène au Panthéon et son dôme imposant, Paris, 1957.









Paris 1950 Pigalle Photo: René-Jaques

André Kertész, Tulieres gardens, Paris, 1928.



Paris Willy RonisParis, 1965


Robert Doisneau - Paris 1953.



Paris 1957 Robert Doisneau


elderly couple. paris.

France. Opera House Paris 1954  // Photo: Henri Cartier-Bresson

Robert Doisneau - Paris




Paris 1957




Reflections of chairs and the Eiffel Tower, Paris - 1957 - Photo by Jean Mounicq (French, born 1931) - @~ Watsonette



Suzy Parker and Robin Tattersall. Evening dress by Gres, Moulin Rouge, Paris, August 1957



Henri Cartier-Bresson Paris, 1954



HENRI CARTIER-BRESSON Rue Mouffetard, Paris, 1954



Paris-Henri Cartier Bresson





bonne soiree

vintage 1920

Jojo — photos anciennes

C.1920sU.K. Fashion in the 1920s, Ascotstarlet Fania Marinoff (circa 1923)At the beach, 1920s.Dolores Costello - 1920'sAugust Sander - Usherettes, 1926-32. S)Bride Winifred Radford (18) with her father, singer Robert Radford - 12 April 1920 - © National Portrait Gallery, LondonOctober 18, 1926. "Goldbeck, Walter, Mrs., with dog. 1 West 66th Street, New York City."London bus, 1920's.A rush for trams on the Embankment in London during the railway strike - 1920Dolores Del Rio c. 1929-1930Arlette Marchal, 1920sScotland 19261920sModel with camera, 1925Kiki de Montparnasse et Hermine David, Paris, années 1920Waterloo Station, 19241920s fashionc.1920s / Photographer: Unknown1929: Louise Brooks in The Canary Murder Case1920sConstance BennettPretty Early 20s or Pre 20s Vintage Wedding Photo Couple | eBayPrincess Alice of Albany, 1920Mums with their children hang out on the stoop, 1928 (AP).Longchamps, 1920Norma Shearer on the set of The Last of Mrs. Cheyney, 192919231920sBebe Daniels in Wild Wild Susan c.1925



Paris 1920s


1920s pyjamas



vintage photo

It is 1920 in Louisiana, New Orleans. Alcohol has been outlawed, inciting the populous to rebellion. - "The Louisiana Speakeasy invites you and a partner to rise up against the Prohibition on April 30. Formal attire is required, incorporating mostly black and gold. Those who do not comply will be severely penalized. Each invitee has been supplied with their own unique code to gain entry. The utmost caution is needed to maintain secrecy. Delicious Prohibition-era punches ... "Vintage #Harlem

French postcard ca. 1920Olga Baclanova by shanghai Іily, via Flickr

Bathing Costume c. 1916.1920's.MISS IRIS HOEYPostcard

1920's was a dramatic time in the fashion industry. Women were becoming more and more independent: they could give the right to vote, smoke or drink. Then, the famous and controversial "flapper" dress was invented.




dansez maintenant............

Jojo — photos anciennes



















File:Baker Charleston.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia





Charleston (dance) Pictures, Charleston (dance) Image, art Photo ...





une revolution va souffler sur le monde












jamais reussi


The Singing Butler Art Print

d hier et

Jojo — photos anciennes

Liz Taylor


sophia loren


Marilyn Monroe


Grace Kelly



Audrey Hepburn


Rita Hayworth

Claudia Cardinale.

Gene Tierney


Gina Lollobrigida

Young Ornella Muti


#WinonaRyder #Face


Tina Turnerr | 1985 © Henry Diltz
















Cher age 64

Horst Buchholz


Gregory Peck

Jane Fonda & Rod Taylor (Un domingo en New York)

Isabelle Adjani




Raquel Welch w/squash blossom necklace

Stunning. Marlon Brando (1924-2004) American screen & stage actor. Brando was one of only three professional actors, along with Charlie Chaplin & Marilyn Monroe, named by Time magazine as one of its 100 Persons of the Century in 1999. He was ranked by the American Film Institute as the fourth greatest screen legend among male movie stars, and has become a cultural icon.

Cary Grant 1904-1986 English-American actor, named second Greatest Male Star of all Time by the American Film Institute.Best known films include "The Awful Truth" 1937, "His Girl Friday" 1940, "To Catch A Thief" 1955, "An Affair to Remember" 1957, "Charade" 1963.

Anita Ekberg

katherine hepburn

Katharine Ross



B.BPaul Newman served in the United States Navy in World War II in the Pacific theater. Unable to be a pilot, because he was colour blind, he was sent instead to boot camp and then received further training as a radioman and gunner. He qualified as a rear-seat radioman and gunner in torpedo bombers, in 1944. He later flew from aircraft carriers as a turret gunner in an Avenger torpedo bomber. As a radioman-gunner, he served aboard the USS Bunker Hill during the Battle of Okinawa, 1945.

Farrah Fawcett

Natlie Wood1961

Ursula Andress

et d aujourd hui

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Halle Berry Bond's Girl

Rihanna | Music Star | Celebritie (SMALL facial features AND pretty EYES)

Monica Belucci by Vincent Peters


Keira Knightley - love her makeup!

Sofia Vergara


#anne hathaway


#Over40 Face ~ #KateWinslet #Celebrity #Faces


Angelina Jolie


Milla Jovovich












Jojo — photos anciennes

la louisiane 1860

Jojo — photos anciennes

28 South Battery Street, Charleston SC - Trulia Built by well known civil war photographer, George C. Cook, between 1860-1862, 28 South Battery is located on one of Charleston's most highly coveted streets in South of Broad, sitting directly across the street from renown White Point Gardens

Pretty green dress

Belle Helene plantation, Ascension Parish, Louisiana


12 Piece Wedding Ensemble Louise Loomis Burrell Little Falls NY from 1868 Back

Wedding Cake House mansion near Nashville Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana. Built in 1896 in Victorian Georgian revival style.

Silk Civil War dress 1860-1861

Back detail silk ensemble c1860



1800s Victorian Dress 1860s Civil War Sheer Cotton Day Gown Summer Skirt Bodice

robes et ombrelle

Poulain Ombrelle marquise, vers 1860 Couverture en dentelle de Chantilly noire, doublure en taffetas ivoire dentelé à l'emportepièce, carcasse en fanon de baleine, mât, embout et poignée en ivoire sculpté, coulant en métal, cordelière et glands de soie noire et blanche. Griffe sur le coulant : "POULAIN / BOULEVARD DE LA MADELEINE, 3 / PARIS" Paris, Galliera - musée de la Mode de la Ville de Paris © Stéphane Piera / Galliera / Roger-Viollet


1860's Civil War Corset





Spoon bonnet - 1860s


Mode 1860s ❤ liked on Polyvore

Capote, vers 1860

Miss Mia Bradshaw of Leamington, 1860s.


File:Vivien Leigh Gone Wind Restaured.jpg








people : Clark Gable et Vivien Leigh







pour paquou et sa soeur

Jojo — photos anciennes

Paris Mode 19261926 mode de paris

1913Barclay 19291929La Mode illustrée 1900 10



La Coquette 1929 19621929



La Coquette 1929 1961



La Coquette 1928 18421928





La Coquette 1927 17441927



La Coquette 1927 17431928


La Coquette 1927 17421929
Girl in Paris - Vive les années 301930




Première couverture de Vogue avec photos en mars 1934 #mode #magazine #annees30 #30s #fashion1934



années 30



Patrons Favoris Années 30 Patron Manteau Taille 44 | eBayPatrons Nouveautes Années 30 Patrons Pour 4 Coiffures | eBay1930couture années 30



La Veste rouge Affiche




1932 Salon-de-la-Mode

1920s France La Vie Parisienne Magazine Drawing - 1920s France La Vie Parisienne Magazine Fine Art Print1920

Inspiration and Crafts: La Vie Parisienne - Vintage magazine




vintage Paris LabelsVintage Paris Applique Quilt Block


1937 fashion illustrations1937Retro styled fashion portrait of a young woman in gloves. Clothing and make-up in vintage style - stock photoRetro styled fashion portrait of a young woman in hat. Clothing and make-up in vintage style - stock photoReenactment of a vintage scene with a lady in the roaring twenties style - stock photo



Retro styled sepia fashion portrait of a young woman. Clothing and make-up in 1920s style. - stock photo




mode de paris 1930




Chanel in 1921chanel


PARIS 1930













Korrigan (Fabric) & Lesur 1957 René Gruau1957


Dress by Dior 1948dior48Helen Bennett, Spider Dress, 1939 by Horst P. Horst1939dior


Photo by Leigh Charell 19451945Christian Dior 1947dior 1947Les Modes (Paris) 1935 Robe du Soir par Chanelchanel1935 1949Suit by Jo Copeland, 1943. Model Lauren Bacall, photo by Hoyningen-Huene. Couture Allure Vintage Fashion


Marie-Rose Lebigot (Swimwear) 1949 Photo Philippe Pottier1949Hannah Troy (Couture) 1956 E.M Farson1956

Gage Brothers & Co (Millinery) 1915 Fashion Illustration Hats1915August Vogue 19491949Mary Jane Russell - photo by Louise Dahl-Wolfe for Harper's Bazaar [1949]


[Trois femmes portant des robes formelles.]

[Les femmes dans des robes de soirée formelles, vues de face et de dos.]



1938.1938Givenchy, 1967.givenchyMarisa Berenson ♥ 19661966Ballgown by Givenchy, 19531953 givenchyLanvin Castillo ♥ Vogue September 19621962Tania Mallet, 1960’s1960«Parfaitement Mettez ensemble» ♥ 19501950Modèle de porter un manteau de fourrure Revillon et chapeau par Gilbert Orcel, 1958.1958Pierre Balmain 1954balmain 58Jean Patchett ♥ 1950’s1950Vogue, 1945.vogue 1945




1960 Mode1960Evelyn Tripp, 195555Evelyn Tripp dans Christian Dior ♥ 1949dior 491940 Glamour1940Fashion July 1958 via Magdorable1958

mille neuf cent à mille neuf cent dix

Jojo — photos anciennes

: Seeing Chicago: 1908An Edwardian girl and her rabbit, 19091917 Stamping Labels, Boston Index Card Co. by Lewis HineThere is such a depth of elegance and almost dreamy beauty in this wonderful Edwardian image (Léonard Misonne, Madame Misonne, ca 1910).A richly elegant image of Edwardian actress Fannie Ward enjoying a spot of tea. #actress #vintage #Edwardian #Fannie_Ward #1900s #tea #elegantFrench women working in ammunition factories, 1917.Arnold Genthe, San Francisco, 1906Spring races Edwardian costumeGrandma and her granddaughter, 1905circa 1910. Check out the baby riding behind themLily Elsie (Mrs Bullough) by Rita Martin bromide print, 19071909, family without father. All the children but the 4 smallest work in the cotton mill. Each child makes 4.50 a week.Lewis W. Hine photography - child labor in America. 5 years old, 41 inches high. He jumps on and off moving trolley cars at the risk of his life. St. Louis, Missouri.Don't they look mischievous! This photograph shows a group of young girls that work in a cotton mill. The picture was taken in about 1909 in Georgia. Work in a cotton mill would have amounted to little more than a sweatshop at this time. It is amazing how several of these girls manage a smile for the camera.Lewis Hine - Little Orphan Annie in a Pittsburgh Institution, 1910Kensington, June 1906




1905Mata Hari - 1908 - Longchamp Racing Paris

Toilette aux courses, Deauville, 1906

Chatting on a Wet Street in Holland, 1906The Milkmobile: 1903Kentucky congressman Joseph Sherley and family 1908Toilette vu aux courses, 1908

Les Modes (Paris) November 1909 robe d'apres-midi par Margaine-LacroixGirl in nightdress ca. 1900Liane de Pougy (1869-1959) - c. 1900 - Folies Bergères Dancer - Renowned as one of Paris's most beautiful and notorious courtesans - Postcard:::::::: Antique Photograph :::::::: Lovely portrait of a young girl in Sweden c. 1905.Jordaan, Amsterdam, 1900:::::::: Antique Photograph :::::::: Beautiful 1900's fashionMaison de Vries,Amsterdam, 19091908, Secretary with typewriter and dictation pad.Detroit circa 1912. "Elliott, Taylor & Woolfenden -- north aisle." Wow...you know what this? This is the "toy department" of an prototype department store. Look at how shopping was then...one lady waiting on you while you sat. Wow.Gertrude und Ursula Falke, daughters of writer Gustav Falke. 1906.Girl cuddling rabbit, circa 1909Actress and singer Lily Elsie (1886-1962) in a gown designed by Lucille, Lady Duff-Gordon (1863-1935), date unknown.University of Washington student Geraldine Gilbert knitting two socks at once for soldiers, 1918New Mom c.1900s Robe de Bal 1909indypendent-thinking: Paris, Luna Park, 1910portrait of a boy and his dog sitting in a toy car. 1912On Pleasure Bent: 1905Robe et Manteau du Soir 1909


Grand Duchess Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia on the beach,1908Paris, place des Invalides durant l'Expo 1900.

1906First Tour de France • 1903by Charles Augustin LhermitteThe Jersey Shore circa 1910. Bathers at Atlantic City. Look at those sexy swimsuits!1908, woman ironing with a new GE electric iron....I'm guessing but would think she is a maid for a wealthy family or hotel employee. Certainly not the norm to have such a luxury in the family home.Rubbing. 1905These Tings Take Time


The Pearl Necklace, 1900s, Frank EugeneHelen “Nellie” Taft - William Howard Taft’s wife was the FIRST first lady to own and drive a car, to ride in her husband’s inaugural parade, to support women's suffrage, to publish her memoirs, to smoke cigarettes, and successfully lobby for safety standards in federal workplacesby Albert Gottheil (1902)Harley Davidson, 1914


Looks so innocent. Shortchanger: A 6-year-old newsie who tried to "short change" me. Los Angeles, California. May 1915. View full size. Photograph by Lewis Wickes Hine.

On 4 October 1911 the first escalator was installed on the Underground, in Earl's Court Underground station, 1911 Step off with the left foot first : In October 1911, the Illustrated London News showed its readers the first escalators on the Underground at Earl’s Court station. The magazine reported that passengers for central London left their train, rode up the stairs and down again, then caught the next train.Norma Talmadge, Way of a Woman, 1919Smoking.Mother and daughter, c. early 20th C.A family on holiday in France circa 1900. ~ I love old photos!Peanut vendor, Wilmington, Delaware, 1910London 1900'sTwo women replace the traditionally male porters at Marylebone Station in London during the First World war. Illustrated London News, 1915.1916 scooter